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下载万家彩票Roots of Human Behavior Cover

Roots of Human Behavior

Vibrant photo documentation of the parallels between animal and human expressions, emotions, and psychology; by Viktor Reinhardt, 2009, 141 pages...
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下载万家彩票Magic of Touch Cover

The Magic of Touch

Book reviewing the scientific and professional literature, to present evidence on the calming, stress-buffering and life-enhancing effect of touch among...
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下载万家彩票AWI Quarterly

AWI Quarterly

Full-color magazine that explores current animal welfare issues, including treatment of animals in research, agriculture, commercial trade, at 下载万家彩票, and...
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下载万家彩票Primates Are Not Pets Cover

Primates Are Not Pets

Examines the suffering primates endure as a result of the pet trade and explains why these wild animals should not...
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下载万家彩票Animals, Nature and Albert Schweitzer

Animals, Nature and Albert Schweitzer

Collection of Albert Schweitzer writings exploring the development of his philosophy of treating all living things with reverence; editing and...
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