Report Lab Animal Issues

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This area was created to serve as a secure and confidential source for the reporting of any specific concerns about the well-being of animals in research, testing and/or teaching. is open to all persons wishing to notify us about any animal welfare problem in the laboratory:

  • whether it involves one animal or many animals;
  • whether the concern is for animals in one laboratory cage, animals used by one principal investigator or animals throughout an institution; and
  • whether or not there has been a violation of any law or guideline.

Our objective is to assist you in circumstances where animals in the laboratory are not receiving the care and/or treatment they need to ensure their well-being. Your report can be anonymous, and our website is certified to ensure the highest level of privacy, confidentiality and security. We will follow-up on each report by taking whatever action we can to improve the situation for the animals involved. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • personally inspecting the animals;
  • filing complaints with the appropriate oversight agency; and
  • reporting to the media and/or Congress.

The website is maintained by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI). AWI, founded in 1951, is devoted to reducing the sum total of pain and fear caused to animals by humans. We seek humane treatment of animals used for experimentation and the development and use of alternatives (refinement, reduction and replacement). AWI supports strong enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act by the US Department of Agriculture, as well as inclusion of birds, mice and rats under the protections delineated in the Act. For more information on the Animal Welfare Institute, please visit our 下载万家彩票 page, www..

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